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The Different Types of Slots

If you walk around a casino floor or open up your favorite online casino you will see that there is a vast range of different types of slot machines. While they all work in the same way there are several categories that we can put them in. Below are the most common categories for both online and offline slots.

3 Reel

These are are the classic Las Vegas style games with three spinning reels. The games can have between one and five pay lines and either fixed or progressive jackpots. Typically the single line games have a three coin maximum bet and the multi-line games have the same max bet as the number of lines.

5 Reel
Today most of the new slot machines being released are five reel slots. As the name suggests they have five spinning reels. The five reels can be actual reels although it is much more common for the games to use a video screen. This gives them the name video slots. Five reel games can have anywhere from 5 to 100's of lines and often allow more than one coin to be bet per line.

Progressive Jackpots
Some slot machines have jackpots which grow as they are played. In most cases these jackpots are linked between multiple casinos which makes the jackpots grow faster and get bigger. The most famous linked jackpot slots are the Mega Jackpots from IGT. Online you have games such as Mega Moola and Cash Splash.

Bonus Video Slots
As the name indicates, bonus video slots are slot machines that use a video screen for displaying the reels and have some sort of bonus stage. There are countless types of bonus games with the most popular being free spins. Other types of bonuses include wheel bonuses, pick X or Y and story slots.

Fruit Machines
The UK style fruit machines have to go in a different category as they work in a different way to traditional slots. Fruit machines also have different features such as the option to hold the reels, nudge the reels or gamble your win on the Hi / Lo gamble stage. They also have trail bonuses and fixed jackpots.

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