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Baccarat Terminology

This section covers the most common terms you will hear when playing baccarat or reading about the game. It is worth learning all of the terminology as you can then get both the best out of our baccarat guide and the best out of your play. Many of the terms in baccarat come from the French language as the game originates from France.

A hand with a total of zero is known as baccarat

Banker Bet
A bet that the bankers hand will be better than the players

A term used to request a card from the dealer

Chemin De Fer
A European version of baccarat where a player acts as the bank and deals

One round on the table is known as a coup

The dealer at the baccarat table

Face Cards
A Jack, Queen or King is known as a face card in baccarat

Le Grande
A term used for a total of 9 - the best possible hand in baccarat

Mini Baccarat
The most common version of online baccarat where the casino deals the cards

A two card hand that has a total of 8 or 9 is known as a natural

A wooden tool used to turn over and move the cards on the table

Player Bet
A bet that the player hand will beat the dealer hand

Punto Banco
Translates to Player Banker and is the most common form of the game in the USA

The area from where the cards are dealt

Stand Off
Another way of saying that the dealer and player hands are equal

Tie Bet
A bet that the two hands will have the same total

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