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Winning Baccarat Tips and Strategies

Every baccarat player we have spoken to seems to have some sort of winning strategy or system. Some of them are based on the facts of the game while others range from interesting to ridiculous. The tips and strategies we list below are based purely on the math of baccarat.

There are three bets available on the baccarat table and the house edge on these three bets are as follows - Banker (1.17%), Player (1.37%) and Tie (14.12%). From these figures we can quickly see that the best bet is banker and the bet to be avoided is tie which has a huge 14% house edge.

Clearly the best strategy for playing baccarat is to always bet on banker. Over the long term you will lose less money on the banker bet than any of the other bets. While this might seem a little boring it is a fact and as a player you should always make sure you keep the house edge as low as possible.

A lot of players like to follow the trends and try to predict the next hand. You would have noticed this if you have ever played baccarat at land-based casinos as players are taking notes on pieces of paper. In reality this is a complete waste of time. There is no way to accurately predict what the next hand outcome will be based on previous outcomes. The idea is reinforced online as you will find that all online baccarat games display a list of the previous hands.

There are currently some systems for sale that claim you can consistently win at baccarat. The Baccarat Predictor system is a well known one and is based on the idea that you can predict what the next hand will be based on past outcomes. As you read above this is not possible.

Another popular baccarat strategy is a progression betting system. The way this type of system works is that you double your bet after every loss until you get a win. While this might seem like a good idea it always runs into problems as you can quickly reach the table limit and even if you win after a losing streak you only win your money back and a small profit. This makes the rick of losing bigger than the possible reward of winning which is never good.

Being a card game that is dealt from a shoe the idea of card counting in baccarat comes up a bit. While it is possible to keep a count on the shoe the actual advantage you can get from counting is negligible. The math of baccarat card counting is well documented at the Wizard of Odds - if you think card counting might work you should read what the Wizard has to say.

As a player the only thing you can do to give yourself the best chance of winning when playing baccarat is to keep the house edge low and always bet on banker.

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