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Baccarat Probablities

To give you a better idea of how baccarat games work we are going to take a look at the probability of each hand occurring. Since baccarat is always played with a set number of decks the probabilities can be worked out. This article further reinforces the fact that betting on banker is always the way to go.

8 Decks 6 Decks 4 Decks 1 Deck
Player : 44.62%
Banker : 45.86%
Tie : 9.52%
Player : 44.63%
Banker : 45.87%
Tie : 9.51%
Player : 44.63%
Banker : 45.88%
Tie : 9.49%
Player : 44.68%
Banker : 45.96%
Tie : 9.36%

The most common number of decks used in 8 so as you can see in the first column the chances of banker being dealt on each hand is 45.86%. This is closely followed by player which comes in at 44.62%. A tie will only occur 9.52% of the time which explains why the pay off is 8 times better than player or bank.

As you can see from the table above the lower the number of decks used the higher the probability of a player or bank hand occurring and the lower the chance of the tie occurring. It is worth noting however that the change is so small that the amount of decks used is not going to make a big difference to your game.

You might think that the difference in probability between player and banker is so small that it does not make any difference. While this might be the case in a very small sample of hands over the longer term you will win more often betting on banker than you will betting on player. Considering that many baccarat players make big bets any extra edge you can get should always be used.

The probabilities after cards are already dealt can also be worked out. The Wizard of Odds has an excellent Baccarat Probability article about the first two, three, four or five cards have been dealt. Of course you cannot change your bet once the hand has started but the information gives you a bit of an insight as to how often a hand will beat another hand based on the cards already dealt.

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