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Baccarat on the Internet

Baccarat is quite popular at online casinos and while the atmosphere is never going to be the same as it is at a land-based casino the game still offers the same low house edge. The most common variation found on the Internet is mini baccarat or punto banco. In this article we take a look at the various games available at the major online casinos.


Casinos that use Microgaming software typically offer two versions of mini baccarat - a low limit game and a high limit game. Bets are made by clicking on the Player, Banker or Tie button and standard Baccarat Rules are used.

Vegas Technology

One version of mini baccarat is found at all Vegas Technology online casinos. Standard rules are used and you click on the table area to place bets. High rollers like playing at Millionaire Casino (Pictured Below) as they have the highest table limits of all the casinos that use Vegas Technology software.


The baccarat games at RTG casinos feature a better pay of 9 to 1 for the tie bet. While this does decrease the house edge on the tie the best bets are still the banker or the player. Betting limits for RTG baccarat start a $5.


Playtech offers two versions of baccarat. A standard mini table and a progressive jackpot version of the game. The progressive game is quite unique and a $1 side bet gives you the chance at winning a progressive that starts at $25,000. To win the jackpot both player and dealer hands must bet Ace Eight of the same suit.


Cryptologic offer the only full table version of baccarat and punto banco online. The full table games (Pictured Below) are multi-player and have high limits. They are as close as you will get to the full table baccarat experience on the Internet.

Game Previews

Millionaire Casino Baccarat Full Table Baccarat at InterCasino

The images above are previews of two of the most popular online baccarat games. The image on the left shows the table at Millionaire Casino while the image on the right shows the full table version fo9und at InterCasino.

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