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How to Play Video Poker

All video poker games work in the same way so once you learn to play one game you can play them all. Each game or hand goes through the same process and while learning the basics is easy learning how to play each hand correctly can be slightly more involved. This article covers the basics, if you are looking for advanced information see our Video Poker Strategy article.

Video Poker Rules

All video poker games use one deck of playing cards per hand. Some games have a wild card or wild cards where a 53 card deck with a joker is used or certain cards are wild such as two's in deuces wild. The game is a version of 5 card stud, you always get dealt five cards, can hold any, all or none of the cards and then get extra cards for the cards you did not hold.

Most video poker games use standard poker hand rankings although many have additional pays that deviate from the normal rankings. For example in Deuces Wild four two's pays more than a straight flush and in Deuces and Joker four two's and a joker pay more than a royal flush. Our Video Poker Pay Tables article has more information on the differences between the variations.

Video Poker Quick Start Guide

Below are the various steps involved with playing video poker. If you are new to the game they are a quick way to get started.

  • Find a machine you want to play
  • Insert money via the coin slot or bill acceptor
  • Select the amount of coins you want to play (Max bet is recommended)
  • Press the deal button
  • Select the cards you want to hold by pressing the buttons below the cards
  • Press the draw button
  • If you win you can take the win or double up (See Double Up)
  • Press the deal button again to start a new hand

How to Play Multi-Hand Games

Many casinos offer video poker machines where you can play more than one hand at a time. The amount of hands can be anywhere from three (Triple Play) to 100 or more. The same principals of play listed above apply with the difference being that you are dealt one hand and any cards you hold are transferred to all of the other hands. You then draw from a separate deck for each hand.

More Video Poker Information

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