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How To Play Slot Machines

In the early days slot machines were the easiest casino games to learn how to play. It was simply a matter of putting in a few coins, pulling the handle and waiting for the result. While the basic principles have remained the same, modern day slots have many more options than the original Vegas classics.

Once you know how to play one slot machine you can use the same knowledge to play all of the others. There are several stages when it comes to playing which we outline and explain below.

  1. Find a machine
  2. Have a look at the pay table
  3. Insert money
  4. Choose your bet size
  1. Hit spin or Max Bet
  2. Wait for the reels to stop
  3. Wins are paid
  4. Spin again or collect

The first thing you need to do is find a machine that you would like to play. Online you can simply browse your casinos slots menu while in casinos you have to walk around the casino floor. There are some points to consider when choosing which game to play. The first thing to consider is how much you want to bet. There is no point playing a dollar machine if you only want to bet pennies.

You will also have some preference as to what types of slots you like. Some players prefer the older style three reel games while other like 20 line games with bonus stages. This is of course a personal choice and most casinos have a good range of all types of slots so you are almost always sure to find a game you like.

Once you have found a game that you like it is worth taking a moment to have a look at the games pay table. The pay table can be located in a variety of places. Look at the top of the machine, at the bottom of the machine or online look for a help or pay table button. The pay table will show you what the pay outs are as well as an required bets or bonus games available.

After you have become familiar with the machine you are ready to get started. Insert coins into the coin slot or bills via the note acceptor. Online you will find that your current casino account balance will in most cases be transferred directly to the game you have selected.

Most modern day slots will have a range of betting options. The type of game you are playing does have some impact into your bet size. For example if you are playing a game with a progressive jackpot you almost always have to play max bet to qualify for the jackpot. If you are not playing a progressive game then you will have the option to bet on one or all lines and often bet more than one coin per line. As usual you should only bet what you can afford.

Once you have selected how much you are going to bet you are ready to get the reels spinning. Hit max bet if you want to play the maximum bet or hit spin if you have selected a lower bet. The reels will then spin and come to a stop. Once the reels stop spinning any wins are paid and you are ready to spin again.

To take your money out of a slot machine you need to press the Collect or Cash Out button. At a land based casino you will either then get coins or a ticket which has become quite common these days. The ticket can be converted to cash at the casinos cashier. Online you simply leave the game when you want to stop playing and your balance will be returned to your account.

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