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Roulette Probabilities

In this section we take a look at the probability of each of the possible outcomes occurring on a roulette table. We list the probabilities for both single zero and double zero tables which further illustrates the point that you should always look for single zero tables to give you the best chance of winning.

  Single Zero Double Zero  
Bet Probability Probability Pays
Straight Up (1 Number) 2.70% 2.63% 35 to 1
Split (2 Numbers) 5.40% 5.26% 17 to 1
Street (3 Numbers) 8.10% 7.89% 11 to 1
Corner (4 Numbers) 10.80% 10.53% 8 to 1
High or Low 48.60% 46.37% 1 to 1
Dozen Bets 32.40% 31.58% 2 to 1
Red or Black 48.60% 46.37 1 to 1
Odd or Even 48.60% 46.37% 1 to 1

As the table above shows the pays for each of the outcomes does not change whether you play single or double zero tables. What does change is the odds. The most obvious difference is on the even money bets such as red or black where you have a 48.7% chance of winning on a single zero table but only a 46.37% chance on a double zero wheel.

A common mistake players make when it comes to roulette probabilities is factoring in past results. The roulette wheel does not remember the previous spins so the odds and probabilities are the same on every spin. Even if you have had six red numbers in a row the chances of getting a red or black on the next spin is still 48.6% wither way. Just because a lot of red numbers have come up does not mean the next number has a higher chance of being black.

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