Basic Strategy for Winning at Blackjack
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Blackjack Basic Strategy Guide

Casino blackjack can have a very low house edge but as with most good games at the casino is a bit of a catch. to get the best out of blackjack you have to play perfect strategy. The way basic strategy is worked out is by looking at the math of each decision and going with the move that will lose the least in the long run.

One mistake that some players make is that they play perfect strategy and then complain the they still lost. Playing perfectly does not in any way guarantee that you will win. It does however guarantee that you will get the lowest house edge which is all you can really ask for.

Example Strategy Chart
Strategy Chart

On the left is an example of what a basic strategy chart looks like. Across the top shows the dealers up card while down the left you have all of the combinations that you can get as a player.

To use the chart you simply find the dealers card and then go down the list until you reach your hand. Where the two cross you find out which play to make.

In the example on the left you hit which you see H. You stand when you seeS. You double when you see D and you split if you see X.

A mistake that some players make is using the same strategy card for different blackjack rules. this is not a good idea as the correct strategy will change based on the rules. If you use the wrong strategy card you will be making mistakes.

It is also worth noting that you cannot take a strategy card with you to the blackjack table. You have to learn the strategy at home. A great way of doing this is by playing online blackjack for free or for real money as you can have the chart with you while you learn.

Some online casinos even give you strategy cards from within the software. Microgaming for example have in built strategies for each game when Expert Mode is accessed.

Where to get Blackjack Strategy Cards

There are some great sites online and one of the best is Ken Smith's Blackjack Info. One of the most useful resources found on the site is the basic strategy generator where you can enter the game rules and get a strategy card. It's free and is well worth checking out. The Wizard of Odds also has an extensive blackjack strategy section.

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